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Hello friends!  

We are currently booking after school enrichment programsLook for us on the campuses of Westlake Elementary and Sycamore Elementary in January.  If you would like to see Girls Club Strong on your campus, please email for details and pricing.


If you would like to schedule a private workshop for your group or troop, please email:


See our list of private workshop topics and details below.


We are an Inspire Charter School approved vendor.  We can put a class series together for your group.  Email GirlsClubCindy@gmail.com for more info.




Our Services

  • Workshops for girls where empowering ideas and art come together.


Workshop List

All of these workshops are available to book for your next event:  troop meeting, birthday party, team event, sleep over - let's make it a fun one!  

Workshops are approximately 75 minutes.
All art materials, set up and clean up are included.

Fees are $20 per student. Minimum 6 students. Discounts for groups over 15.

Combine Troops and save!

For girls ages 6-12.
We are always happy to customize a class for your group!

FRIENDSHIP - Making friends, identifying qualities of a good friend, settling differences, and supporting each other are all covered in this workshop.
Project - Bottle Cap necklaces to keep and share with friends.

Be-YOU-nique - Everyone has a special quality to be celebrated. We discover wonderful new words to describe and appreciate the special someone we are with the help of the book, Strong is the New Pretty.
Project - Girls will paint a wood sign with a powerful word that describes her.

DREAM BIG - We learn about some amazing women (J.K. Rowling, Sally Ride, Malala) who dared to dream big and why we can too!
Project - Beautiful dream catchers to remind of us our own goals and dreams.

SOCIAL MEDIA - We take a look at the good and the bad of the social media world. Girls will discover that there is so much more fun to be had with friends in the real world.
Project - Girls create their own mock cell phone and come up with fun app ideas that represent all of the things to do other than getting on the phone.

SPEAK UP! - Knowing what to say is so empowering when we face tough situations. In this workshop we explore speaking up for yourself and for others including what to say and how to say it.
Project - Megaphones decorated with empowering statements.

HAPPY MIND HAPPY LIFE - In this workshop we explore how positive thinking changes everything. We will go over how to take negative statements and turn them into empowering ones.
Project - "What we feed grows." To represent this, girls will decorate a flower pot with positive statements. Includes seed starter to grow flowers.

I DEFINE ME - Girls are inundated everyday with messages about what they should be or how they should act. This workshop creates awareness around the idea that only she and no one else gets to define her.
Project - Vision boards with images and words that represent her.

KINDNESS ROCKS - In this workshop we talk about the power of kindness and how acts both large and small make a huge difference.
Project - We paint rocks with fun and kind words/images and leave them in the neighborhood for others to discover and enjoy.